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Tbaytel Designs a Charging Station to Surge Its Brand Presence


Tbaytel, one of the largest telecommunications providers in Canada, wanted to expand its brand awareness in its home market of Thunder Bay in Northwest Ontario. Thunder Bay is one of the few areas in Canada with an independently owned telecommunication provider. Tbaytel noticed a sizable amount of foot traffic near a food court in a local mall. This sparked the idea to install a branded charging lounge where passers-by could recharge phones or plug in laptops. Loftwall Representative Sharon Schwegler of PS Agencies in Toronto thought Loftwall would be a great solution for Tbaytel’s project. Stacey Strey of Open-Mind Interiors was the lead designer on the project. She designed a custom branded solution that could be installed quickly. Strey envisioned a space that was modern, visually appealing and functional, while also being mobile enough to be relocated if necessary.

Company: Tbaytel

Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Industry: Telecommunications

Problem:Needed to quickly install a branded charging lounge, with custom-frame office partitions that defined the space, in a high traffic area of a local mall. 

Solution: Loftwall's FRAMEwall panels were custom-designed with Tbaytel's brand and the charging lounge was completely installed in two nights.

The Problem:

Strey had to design in a pre-existing space with problematic surfaces and materials. She had to be careful to not damage the tile that covered both the floors and the walls. She decided a modular wall solution would be best to help define the space because this would allow them to set up a branded space quickly with the potential for future reconfiguration. This project was intended as a trial run to test the popularity of a branded charging lounge.

"We needed a solution that would allow us to create a space right off the bat... Loftwall was a modular solution that fit what we needed."

-Stacey Strey, Lead Designer, Open-Minded Interiors

The Solution:

Strey chose Loftwall to help Tbaytel create their charging space within the larger space of the food court. The panels in the FRAMEwall are customizable and interchangeable, which made the solution perfect for incorporating Tbaytel brand identity. Even better, the Loftwall office partitions worked in the existing space (not a permanent structure), and could be rearranged if Tbaytel saw fit. Since this was initially intended as a trial run, Loftwall gave Tbaytel the flexibility they needed to adapt to their environment to maximize their brand exposure.

"We needed a solution that would allow us to create a space right off the bat,” Strey said. “We’re always looking forward in terms of flexibility, mobility, reconfigurability and how that will serve Tbaytel as the company changes and grows. Loftwall was a modular solution that fit what we needed.” 

"Three glide screens and two freestanding wall dividers were installed to define the space and add the needed functionality. The freestanding partitions were designed with acoustic panels to keep the noise of the conference contained when the doors were closed.  

The Results:

In order to not intrude on the day-to-day operation of the mall or its businesses, Strey wanted the new lounge space to be installed quickly. The installation was remarkably fast and was completed in two nights.

“We had really great feedback from everyone,” Strey said. “The mall was surprised at how many people were enjoying the space. They were happy with the traffic and Tbaytel was thrilled with the brand exposure they gained from the installation.”