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A Unique Project Leads to a New, Compelling Product Design


Company: YARD

Location: New York, NY

Industry: Advertising

Problem: Needed to be able to transition space from an open area to a private meeting space.  

Solution: Loftwall created an innovative twist on an existing sliding room divider to execute the space-defining custom solution YARD was looking for.

YARD, a New York City advertising agency, discovered during their relocation that there was a major challenge with their new multiuse space; they could not transition the space from an open area to a private meeting space. This is not a unique concern, especially in older buildings with fixed architecture, but they still needed a solution that would give the space the function they required.

The Problem:

The Solution:

Manzzarini believing a sliding room divider would be the perfect product for the job, asked if Loftwall could make a modification to the original design. Steve and the Loftwall team answered with a confident “YES,” and set to work to create a sliding wall solution with wooden slats on the outside and a tackable surface on the inside.

“The installed product was a real success and working with Dan to understand what was important to his client was critical, together we designed the right solution to accommodate their need for a flex space on budget.” 

-Steve Kinder, CEO, Loftwall

"Three glide screens and two freestanding wall dividers were installed to define the space and add the needed functionality. The freestanding partitions were designed with acoustic panels to keep the noise of the conference contained when the doors were closed.  

The Results:

As a highly mobile ad agency, YARD was thrilled with the final product. They now have the joy of a versatile modular solution that allows them to productively create in their space. When not conducting meetings, the sliding room divider can be opened to let the light shine through the rest of the space.

“The client feedback has been great,” Manzzarini said. “We’ve since received more referrals for design work through them. It was a tricky space, but now they have a visual barricade and visually aesthetic space to work with.”

Their office designer Dan Manzzarini of BHDM met Loftwall CEO Steve Kinder at an Interior Design magazine event in Miami, Florida. Dan expressed his design dilemma and described his vision for a solution involving horizontal floating wood planks. He hoped Loftwall could execute a sleek space-defining custom solution for YARD. Steve developed the idea of taking an innovative twist on the existing sliding room divider to give Dan a functionally modern solution. The Loftwall team put the design concept into production and a new product, SLATwall, was born. The sliding partition gave YARD the versatility of an open and private space, in one.

YARD’s creative agency meetings needed to be conducted in private, but no division existed in their large, open space. So they sought a modern, versatile, budget-friendly solution that would create a mixed-use public and private space.

“The need was specific,” Manzzarini said. “The space was a large, multipurpose area; part reception, part conference room, part presentation space. Those different functions needed to be disguised throughout the day. They wanted something flexible, and certainly something tackable, since they were doing creative presentations.”