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Cardiology Department Reconfigures Patient Waiting Area with Loftwall


Company: Rady Children's Hospital

Location: San Diego, CA

Industry: Healthcare

Size: Provides care to 214, 216 children (91% of the region)

Problem: Required a dedicated waiting area for the cardiology department, which was shared by the patrons of a neighboring McDonald's. 

Solution: Used custom-designed FRAMEwall to create a dedicated, private waiting space exclusively for patients and staff.

The Problem:

The Solution:

Having previously used Loftwall’s MOBI product in another department, Venti and Rady Children’s Hospital opted to use FRAMEwall for its cardiology waiting area. Compared to the furniture panel alternative, FRAMEwall was lightweight, easy to maneuver/install and more customizable. The hospital requested bright colors and a nautical, aquarium theme to be consistent with the rest of the cardiology department. Custom panels were designed to match the theme and integrated into the FRAMEwall upon installation. The walls were placed strategically opposite of the restaurant to ensure people entering the waiting area were indeed cardiology patients. 

A major part of why Venti chose Loftwall was the modular nature of the Framewall products and fast install. He commented on the ease of the design, shipment and installation process via Lofwall.

“They helped us through the entire design process. Loftwall provided us with quality installation instructions and videos that were helpful in order to do the project seamlessly,” Venti said. “Everything arrived with no damages and we were able to get everything up in short order.” 

The Results:

Patients and staff alike have since shown their appreciation for the new space. Patients appreciate that the waiting area has been distinctly separated from the restaurant atmosphere. The issue of patrons using the waiting space as an informal dining area was immediately resolved. Despite the need to create an exclusive space, natural lighting can still permeate and illuminate the room due to use of translucent panels on the top row. The color scheme has breathed new life into once uninviting surroundings.

The feedback has been really positive,” Venti said. “Clients like that the area is sectioned off while still getting some of the outside light. All the colors we used helped brighten up the area. We went from a heavy look to something that was bright and cheerful.”

Rady Children’s Hospital kept an open-area seating area on the first floor for its cardiology patients. Unfortunately, the cardiology department was immediately adjacent to the food court, which encouraged the fast food patrons to use the waiting room seating as their own. In addition to the frequent traffic entering and exiting the eating area, waiting patients had direct vision into the restaurant. The hospital was hoping to create a space targeted to give these kids their own private waiting area.

Project manager Russ Venti was seeking a space division solution for Rady Children’s Hospital. The hospital needed a private waiting area for its cardiology department patients, an area that had previously been used, in part, by neighboring food court patrons. A lack of privacy and a shared seating area was a challenge for this facility with a patient first mindset. Already familiar with Loftwall products from a previous project involving the children’s hospital, Venti decided to revisit the possibility of using Loftwall’s customizable wall dividers to create an inviting, lighter-hearted space for pediatric patients.

Though the hospital wanted to use barriers as a solution to their dilemma, they hoped to avoid building permanent structures or using standard furniture panels.

“There was a lot of traffic that went past that waiting area and you had vision into the McDonald’s seating area. We didn’t like that environment,” Venti said. “I wanted to break it off a little bit, but not build actual walls. We wanted something that was light, airy and colorful. Furniture panels were too heavy and presented the wrong look. The Loftwalls were perfect since we could surround the area and put custom-colored materials into the FRAMEwall.

Loftwall is perfect for facility managers:

  • Modular
  • Easy to install
  • Scalable as your projects evolve