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Loftwall customized the materials using actual fabric from Mizzen + Main's design department.

We custom-designed FRAMEwalls with Tbaytel's brand and the charging lounge was completely installed in two nights.

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YARD Case Study

We created an innovative twist on an existing sliding room divider to execute the space-defining custom solution YARD was looking for

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From texts and direct messages to phone conversations and casual office chatter, office interruptions interfere with our work every single day. What goes unnoticed is how much time, and thus how much money, each interruption drains. These seemingly innocuous interruptions come at a cost — and a significant one at that.

Social spaces are usually an afterthought or seen as a way to encourage people to avoid their work. Co-workers hanging out and chatting about the latest Game of Thrones episode may not seem like a productive use of time. However, businesses are starting to realize just how important social spaces are to their cultures and creativity.

Ever wonder how truly innovative companies continue to come up with incredible ideas and solutions? As it turns out, it may very well be a byproduct of their office spaces and how they choose to utilize them. In the past, companies prioritized aesthetics over function and fitting people into a space, rather than making the space fit the people.

It is important to create a space that reflects who you are as a company. When your space reflects the personality of those working in it, the entire dynamic of work can change. Properly crafting that space isn’t always easy. We explore the steps to create a space that matches the needs of your organization as well as represent its unique personality.

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Rady Facility Manager Case Study

See how a facility manager used custom-designed FRAMEwalls to create a private waiting space exclusively for patients and staff.

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